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Your Business

Increase your company’s growth with my call centre consulting. You are also able to increase revenues along with your own management potential as part of my small business consulting.

Your Company

Benefit from a variety of helpful mentoring services that are designed to be cost-effective at all times. I have a high success rate in developing great managers and nurturing success.

Creating an
Efficient Process

Boost the efficiency of your business’ methods with the help of my process management. Backed by more than 20 years of experience, I look at both the internal and external process.

Useful Advice
and Guidance

Whether you want to sell your business or are looking to invest, I am ready to assist you as a knowledgeable professional. I understand how to showcase the potential of your company.

Contact me in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, to acquire more information about my business consulting services as a skilled business mentor.

About Me

Unleash your company’s true potential with the help of Lawson First. My name is Dan Lawson and I provide a vast selection of business consulting services to meet all of your company’s individual needs. Situated in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, I specialise in call centres such as customer services and sales and look after all of your processing, fulfilment, and operations as well as the complete customer life cycle. I offer assistance with advertising before moving into staffing as an established business mentor. Lawson First covers all aspects of:

Resourcing – Recruitment – Overall Management - First Line Management - Senior Management - Agent Dynamics - Environmental Change Management

A Personal Service

At Lawson First, I deliver bespoke consultancy and mentoring services to improve the performance and capability of both you and your small to medium-sized business. Whether you want to boost the environmental impact of large agent populations or simply boost your company’s performance, I am ready to assist you. I also help first and second-line managers who are looking to increase their own potential with services that are available in a range of flexible one-to-one or e-based channels. I provide tailored solutions over Skype™, phone calls, emails, or even on-site.

An Experienced Professional

Having set up Lawson First in 2008, I am backed by a wealth of experience in the business management sector. I am more than qualified to look after your company as I have previously worked for companies such as Churchill™, BlackBerry™ (RIM), Corporate Barclaycard™, and business directory Scoot™. I have the ability to look at things with an analytical point of view as well as offering a personal touch. I understand people alongside analysis and data and am more than capable of combining these to give you a unique outlook. Based in Ingleby Barwick, I have a complete understanding of the customer life cycle and client engagement, both internally and externally.