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Managing  your business' process
in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland

All processes work with great people behind them, however great people don’t work with a bad process. Located in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, my process management involves stripping back your organisation to the processes that sit behind it. I make sure that you are efficient and agile enough to move with any challenges within the ever-changing marketplace. With my unique experience in multiple industries, I provide wide-ranging business solutions along with a personal touch.

Overcoming Obstacles

The redundancies that have built up over time as a process are taken care of by stripping your company back to its basic principles and allowing it to grow
organically. I ensure that this is a success for everyone who works within it by engaging with your business and reviewing the whole process from start to finish. I look at:

Full Process Mapping – Full Analysis of Outcomes – Choke Points –

Complete Understanding

Many businesses work in a ‘silo’ manner where they have various departments
that view the process from their own particular angle. At Lawson First, I offer
a fresh new insight along with a holistic approach and a 360-degree view.

Detailed Plans

The process also includes full proposals of any changes. I engage with all of
the stakeholders of each process to ensure that nothing is left out and
everyone has signed up to your company’s plan of action.

Moving Forward

From the fulfilment process to the way that your business communicates
internally, I take you through the details of the course of action and examine
your sales process, customer service procedures, and the whole customer life cycle. I deal with both the internal and external process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Starting with your consultation, I follow the whole process from start to finish. I walk through and ‘test drive’ the process as it stands, as well as giving you a helping hand when you are looking to sell your business.

Contact me in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, for more information about my process management as part of my business solutions