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Consulting for small businesses
in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland

Develop your business skills and knowledge with the help of Lawson First. Based in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, I provide small business consulting services including company growth strategies to enhance your strategical thinking. Based on the industries that I have worked in, I have an intimate relationship with small businesses. I equally understand the challenges that you as a small business owner face and have a great insight into your competitive landscape. As an experienced professional, I show you how you are able to overcome the type of challenges that sometimes need to be faced.

Consulting Small Businesses

There are two sectors within small business consulting. The first involves the struggle of your business and your need for support from someone with a wealth of expertise. The second sector focuses on the struggle for ideas or concepts and the planning of how to move forward and achieve your company goals.

The First Sector

When you require a unique perspective on your business, I am in a great position to fully assist you. As a experienced individual who has managed both medium and large businesses and assisted companies who needed an outside perspective, I can help you to create a plan of support. Backed by a wealth of experience in running and managing businesses, I provide various methods such as reporting, mentoring, and hands-on management to help your business through a tough period.

The Second Sector

Boosting your company’s growth and moving it into a merging market is easier said than done without the help of a highly skilled professional. I create
detailed plans filled with effective ideas so that your business can move forward.

Your Consultation

When you contact me, I start with a one-to-one consultation and business review to establish your company’s individual needs. Looking at timescales and stage reporting, I then formalise an agreement and plan with specific targets that your company should aim towards. You also have the choice of hands-on or remote mentoring. Daily price rates are available for each individual business, so get in touch today to receive your quotation.

Wealth of Experience

I have worked with all types of small businesses and industries so there is nothing that I haven’t come across or engaged with throughout my career. I have worked with businesses that have required an understanding of their competitive environment and process and helped them to work towards a successful outcome.

Contact me in Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, to learn more about my small business consulting including company growth strategies.